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It's all about money ....... This is a stage for those money seeker & it's our life and interest we wanna share with all of you guys and gals. Well we really wish you can find something useful here. Just to mention that this page is non-profit oriented and none of the editors get pay from whatsoever mean. However, we defintely not going to turn down any offer.....



Attention to all Ayanami Rei fans...... CheeMing is looking up a set of Neon Evagelion AO size poster, total two poster ( Ayanami / Asaka) sale togerther in year 1997......Definitely can not get in Singapore anymore, maybe your site can find it out for me, please! Willing to pay good price...... Contact CheeMing

EVA-01 Test Type Model On Sales

Very very great deal for those Eva model (Bandai) collector, Eva-01 Model sales on S$30.00 (original price: S$69.90/Rm140.00), definitely the best price on the town..... while stock last! Contact CheeMing


Do you know any place where trade in /out used scooter...... or any of your friend is selling his second hand scooter in a very reasonable price...... Contact CheeMing at once!


AO size, double sided printing poster, semi transparent for lightbox purpose..... printed in USA, definitely for commercial (theatre display) and not on sale in market. Perfect condition. The best stuff you can ever get for those TOM CRUISE fans......collectable item!!!

Price Negotiable! Contact CheeMing at once.


AO size, selling in a very low price, commercial purpose, used in theatre display, no way you can get in the market. Definitely not reprint poster. Good in condition, very sharp image for very handsome Aron Kok.

Price Negotiable! Contact CheeMing at once.

Other Poster On Sales:

AO size, Commercial Purpose, Printed in USA

Blast From The Past - Very nice for those Alice Silverstone Fan......

Micky Blue Eyes - Very handsome Hugh Grant waiting for you......

Wild Wild West - Double sided printing from USA, semi transparent for lightbox...... For theatre display! Can not get from market. Perfect in conditon! Collectable!!!

Contact Chee Ming, prices negotiable......


Whoever want to post thier stuff for sales please email your stuff & desciption to editor......



Design Services On Sales......

Do contact me (CheeMing) if you need any consultations or technical supports for website graphic design ...... Talents sales in under price. Definitely value of money......pretty girl get 20% discount.

contact handsome Chee Ming

Hot service!!!

Ever have nightmare doing you programming assignment and projects? The charge is reasonable and definitely value for money!!!

-- contact ChengGuan

Definitely not a problem!!!


Whoever want to post thier services for sales please email your desciption to editor......