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It's all about news, the worse or the better one......What's New not only a gossip stage of those people who very keen to know other people businesses, but also a hobbies exchange station for those Music, Movies, Comics, Books, Toys and Games fans. So, friends, don't ever miss all of these exciting & interesting stuff all you can get here in one shoot.
Total four different area to satisfy your needs of gossip. A stage full with rumous and/or insult....... write to the editors to post your news and try to expose our friends' secret as much as possible. Information sharing is about everything in this modern age. So, do your part to help us in constructing this gossip community.



Mas S3S2 RePublicer includes HannYang, HuiChin, HueyWen, CheeTa, CheePing, KahKiong, EngShiong, SiewChin, ChenChin, SiauYing, ChenChen, LaiWah.

Total 12 absolut smart girls & boys who are putting their dreams on their real life and working very hard of it every day...... No silver spoon in their mouth but doing what they want to do with whatever they have, even if it means sacrificing their last token. Great respect for Mas S3S2 RePublic...... MALAYSIA BOLEH!




No news at this moment...... Please contact Editor to post your news. We really need your helps to gather all kind of information, so please contact us in " Who's InCharge ".

Welcome to post your personal lifestyle photo here......

Can we know what the hell is happening out there!




Sin S3S2 RePublicer includes ChengGuan, ChinKiat, AikYong, HuiMen, BoonBin,CheeMeng, ChienFuan, SiowTin, TeckHeng, YenLeng, YenPeng,CheeMing, JaangJou, SiewHsia.

The biggest site among all of these four site because we got total 14 people here and it's almost half of the class already.......wa ha ha ha! "What a group of miserable people we are"(By SiowTin) . Definitely lazy bug & fun seeker here. S3S2 RePublic production team is here, welcome to join.


Want to watch movie at weekend, contact BoonBin / CheeMing and get people accompany.

Liquor & Pub seeker, contact ChengGuan / Siew Hsia (althought Siew Hsia said she quit already) for a night of drunk ( on your own bill pls).

Cutties Girl seeker, contact CheeMing for pretty girls information exchange......

Coffee Drinker contact SiewTin. The Singapore Best "Coffee Beam" located in Bishan Junction 8.

Mahjong, 4-D, Soccer gambler, contact BoonBin for amazing inspiration.

Wind-Surfing, Watersports, Roller Blade, Baseball...... contact BoonBin / CheeMing at once......

Japanese Drama, Audio CD Rental go to AikYong.

Comic, Cartoon, Toys(Model), Movie Collection Items, Poster looking for CheeMing.

Computer Techinical Support go to HuiMen & ChengGuan.

Web Design, Design Freelance will go to AikYong, CheeMing & YenPeng.




Don't get shock when you see this familiar face hugging & kissing with her boy inside the MRT......Yes! our class tallest young lady already fallen for love deeply. Very BAD attidute to our guy after relationship exposed to public. Don't ever try to ask her out for gathering because she will certainly not going to turn up ...... the only thing she care about is her boy now!!!


From the 1999 onwards, we will have a Chirstmas Eve Gathering every year in Singapore. Welcome to join this very special gathering for everybody who cares about S3S2republic. Basically a dine in hotel and following by christmas gift exchange. It's a gathering full with funs, memories as well as great food & wines.

Welcome bring along your girl/boyfriend!!! For details, simply contact Chee Ming throught email before December of 2001.

Chirstmas Eve Gathering 1999

Second Row: BoaKiao, BoonBin, HuiMen, SiewHsia, SuHui, SiewTin, Buttock, KiatHeng, HerYee. First Row: ChengGuan, CheeMing, AikYong.

Very beautiful morning sunshine welcome us to Kuala Terengganu (Buttock, HerYee, XiaoBing, AikYong, BoonBin) ~ CheeMing Best Shoot.

The Tour of Pulau Redang 2000

It is a really unforgetable trip althought we was " FANG FEI JI " by few guy ( ChengGuan, KiatHeng, YenPeng ) so only six of us ( Buttock, HerYee, AikYong, BoonBin, CheeMing ) can make it on this Pulau Redang Tour. We took about 8 hours from Johor Bahru to Kuala Terengganu by Bus ( Warning: Don't take Bus Company " Adik-beradik " services if you want to travel to Kuala Terengganu because thier buses are really old & teruk ). We reach Kuala Terengganu at 6.00 morning. Kuala Terengganu indeed a very beautiful town but less chineses there. A town close with the sea and full with rivers will always make you feel good. Very fortunately we managed to get our room from travel agency ( Redang Holiday ). After the breakfast we took quite a number of photos on this beautiful town before set off to Pulau Redang. The background of the above shooting is a very old-stylish chinese bridge with very beautiful texture which we got it on Kuala Terengganu's Chinese Town.

It took about 45 minutes to Pulau Redang by speed-boat. Better sea, better beach from Pulau Tioman, the only disappointed thing is the girls there ........ anyway Pulau Redang is really a paradise for those people we really crazy for sun, beach & sea. Very clean water there and it's pity if you can't swin. Beautiful corel and amazing fishes will make your eye wide big as well as super white & fine sandy beach.......

Check out the red shirt girl who we get to know on Pulau Redang...... and find out " what had happened between she and AikYong "...... Want to know the very xxx story, contact AikYong personally
Very beautiful sky, sea, beach...... of course, very handsome CheeMing too......ha!

Wanted Everybody To Join Pulau Perhentian Tour 2001

We going to organise a tour to Pulau Perhentian on mid of May. Everybody who interested or get more details please contact Chee Ming ...... Welcome to bring along girl/boyfriends. Please make it fast!!!!




Twn S3S2 RePublicer includes TianChoy, HueyFang, WuiKuang, CheeChuan, CheeWee, SiewFoong, ChanNan, KokYong, LeeYan.

Total 9 pretty/handsome school girls/boys who are still studying in different Taiwan's University. Stay in school is still the best, isn't is? Studying machines, very green & innocent, pretty girls & boys is here.






The only image editor managed to get from Taiwan RePublicer from CheeWee...... The only thing our editor knew about is all of the poeple there are very busy with their schoolworks...... maybe.

By now you're probably wondering how come the background of the picture is a sence of snow mountain. As we know, there are not snow in Taiwan...... actually it 's just a digital touch-up photo. Contact them for money saving world tour.

No news at this moment...... Please contact Editor to post your news. We really need your helps to gather all kind of information, so please contact us in " Who's InCharge ".

Welcome to post your personal lifestyle photo here......

Can we know what the hell is happening out there!






OTH S3S2 RePublicer includes YongWei, WeiWei, SeeYin, MinFang, JoShien.

Total 5 who are still studying in oversea......less contact, must be very busy with their schoolworks, we guess so. Not really sure what the hell is happening out there.



No news at this moment...... Please contact Editor to post your news. We really need your helps to gather all kind of information, so please contact us in " Who's InCharge ".

Welcome to post your personal lifestyle photo here......

Can we know what the hell is happening out there!



Where did you go, what did you see, this is you passport to another world, the land of a thousand surprises, our reason for living, separates you from those grey day, the nine to five......It's the time again, the time to escape from those boring works and remind you...... you can always give great stuff to yourself and add a little bit spice to your life, too!


A young boy (Osment) is challenged by his teacher (Spacey) to make the world a better place. The boy comes up with the "pay it forward" concept (which is basically Karma), in which you do a good deed for someone, who then does a good deed for three other people. Rather than a "payback", these things "pay it forward". Wouldn't you eventually reach the entire world? The boy starts by taking in a homeless junkie (Caviezel), much to the surprise of his Mom (Hunt)... The film asks the question: can good deeds save the world? (Mohr plays the reporter who breaks the story on the boy.)

Cast: Haley Joel Osment (Trevor McKinney), Kevin Spacey (Mr. Eugene Simonet), Helen Hunt (Arlene McKinney), Jon Bon Jovi (Trevor's Dad), James Caviezel (Jerry), Angie Dickinson, Jay Mohr, Liza Snyder, Gary Werntz, Kathleen Wilhoite



Any "RECOMMENDATION", please contact our editors in "Who's In Charge". We needs you to keep our site better......

Editors don't play games and really need your recommendation...... please help!



A "Q" series of Gundam models manufactured by Bandai. Prices is affordable and definitely suite to modeling beginner......


Toys Collecting is making big money now. It is really a great hobby for those who really crazy for the toys but rich enough. Retrograde style is back to the town and the toys like Astro Boy, Kamen Riders, Ginger, DevilMan...... have already making great value for their collector. If you really got extra money, toys collecting definitely the best hobby you should get into!

Bandai, Rider Hero Series 2 Kamen Rider 2 Ohtsuka Kikaku, Real action doll collection, Hyper hero Kamen Rider Shin 1 Masudaya, Limited Edition Re-make version Talking Kamen Rider 1 - Speaks 4 sentences -

Toys Informations Contact CheeMing



"Sitting Down Here" By Lene Marlin

"Sitting Down Here" is no. 16 on the best selling singles of April 2000. Sitting Down Here has been a huge in the UK, so much so that the follow-up single (Where I'm Headed / Playing My Game) has been delayed until "Summer". It is a certain you will like "Sitting Down Here", don't ever miss it!

The very new single by very pretty Lene Marlin......


After a very long period (Three Years) waiting...... The hottest "Neon Evagelion" volume 5 is on the town now. The only pity thing is volume 5 maybe will going to let most of the Ayanami Rei fans fell a bit down......because Ayanami not really shows much in this volume. Anyway, go and grab one for this world hottest comic.

" ONE PIECE", another beat recommended comic on the town. It is a story about adventure, treasure, sea & pirate...... Interesting drawings, attractive story line as well as strong character presented. Volume 1-16 on the market, don't ever miss it.


"GTO" Volume 18 was out!!!

"Shen Feng - Kami Kaze"

A great comic presented by Shiki Satoshi! Very great drawing skill as well as excellent story line..... Ah Ha! Recommand to all guys only......."Adult Rated" Can borrow from me - Chee Ming also.... Episode 1-3 very original HongKong Vision......


"A Garden In My Heart"

For those who really got not much time to read...... Very short article with a big portion of illustration! Very hot selling book in the market but rather expensive. Check out " Jimmy" other books at


Do you know about any weird, funny, cool, strange stuff/people/food...... It just have to be interesting and real. Not well-package but just a little thing can cheer you up...... Email our editors at "Who is Incharge".